Trismus Program

TTrismus Programrismus is a condition in which the jaw movement is so restricted that it is difficult for a patient to open his or her mouth enough to put food in, chew, swallow, speak clearly or brush their teeth. Trismus can be caused from trauma, infection, surgery, or radiation treatment. Specific treatment techniques can help an individual increase the ability to open the mouth.

Our Trismus Program is a structured regime using the TherabiteTM appliance and the TherabiteTM Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System. The six-week program is designed to gradually increase a patient's ability to open the mouth so that chewing, swallowing, oral hygiene and speech intelligibility are improved.

This program provides daily exercises with the TherabiteTM device and a daily progress log. Weekly measurements are graphed on a progress chart. When a minimal incisal opening (MIO) of 45 minutes (in degrees) is reached, a simple maintenance program is established.