School of Radiation Therapy Curriculum

The School of Radiation Therapy accepts up to five students into its 24-month program each year. Training begins in September and finishes two years later. The students will spend 40 hours a week in clinical rotations and classroom instruction in the Radiation Oncology department for a total of more than 450 contact hours of classroom instruction and more than 2,000 contact hours of clinical instruction.

During the clinical portion of the program, students will rotate through the various areas of the Radiation Oncology department. Students will have the opportunity to gain clinical experience through participation in treatment design, dosimetry, delivery of radiation treatments, simulations, quality assurance, and patient care and management.

During classroom instruction, courses include:

  • Orientation
  • Radiographic Imaging
  • Radiation Protection
  • Medical Terminology Review
  • Patient Care and Management
  • Pathology
  • Radiation Physics
  • Hyperthermia
  • Clinical Oncology
  • Technical Radiation Oncology 1 and 2
  • Clinical Dosimetry
  • Brachytherapy
  • Quality Assurance
  • Radiobiology
  • Death and Dying
  • Registry Review
  • Seminars in Radiation Oncology
  • Research Methodology
  • Operational Issues in Radiation Therapy

This curriculum correlates and exceeds the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) guidelines for Radiation Therapists. Courses are frequently revised to reflect current practices in radiation therapy.

Formative evaluations and clinical competence examinations monitor the progress of the student. The students are also required to submit case studies and a term paper. All required competencies and assignments must be competed prior to program completion.

Upon successful completion of all graduation requirements, graduates are eligible to take the National Certification Examination for Radiation Therapy administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT)

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)
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St. Paul, MN 55120-1155
Phone: 651-687-0048