Geriatric Clinic

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About the Geriatric Clinic

The Geriatric Clinic was developed to evaluate older adults who are starting to encounter limitations due to health-related conditions. Beaumont’s staff consists of board-certified physicians who specialize in treating the specific problems related to older adults. The staff also includes a clinical nurse specialist in gerontology, and a social worker dedicated to helping people cope with the problems that sometimes confront older adults.

An evaluation is conducted over three days and involves a one-to-two hour session each day. The evaluation consists of an extensive questionnaire involving a patient medical history, a thorough two-hour physical examination, and tests to determine the person’s ability to move about and carry outroutine tasks associated with daily living. An evaluation also includes an assessment to determine a person’s mental abilities, psychological and social skills. Please bear in mind that not all of the evaluation may be covered by insurance.The program has a flexible payment planto meet people’s ability to pay.

Evaluation may benefit older adults experiencing:

  • a general failure to thrive
  • emotional problems
  • multiple health problems
  • complications resulting from multiple medications
  • hardship (or difficulty) taking care of personal needs and management of the home
  • bladder control problems
  • Alzheimer’s disease and/or other memory problems
  • confusion or other mental impairments
  • episodes of unexplained fainting (known as syncope)
  • difficulty walking and/or frequent falls
  • unexplained weight loss
Evaluation may also help people who are:
  • considering the need for nursing home placement
  • living in a nursing home and considering a return to the community
A physician referral is necessary to schedule an appointment. All patients will have an evaluation returned to their primary care physician with recommendations for further medical care. Call 248-551-8305 for more information.