Beaumont Kaizen Institute

Ultimate efficiency through engagement

Based on the Japanese Kaizen philosophy, the Beaumont Kaizen Institute takes a hands-on approach to enhancing patient care and improving every day processes. Rather than using a classroom setting to evaluate problems, our program focuses on observation and immediate solution implementation within the clinical setting. Staff is engaged and empowered to recognize a potential problem and come up with an immediate solution in a creative, free-thinking environment. The theory behind Beaumont’s approach is that small, incremental changes made rapidly by frontline staff will have a greater impact than large, centrally driven initiatives created by senior leadership.

Participants of the Beaumont Kaizen Institute will:

  • actively participate in a two-day, hands-on observation and improvement session
  • learn how to rapidly define problems and implement effective solutions in a clinical setting
  • understand the importance of empowering frontline staff to facilitate cultural change
  • recognize the importance of fostering collaborative connections between hospital departments
  • develop problem-solving skills to assist with issues regarding patient care, quality and patient flow
  • receive the training and tools necessary to implement the kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement in his or her own institution

The Beaumont Kaizen Institute difference

Many quality and process improvement programs rely on an organization’s management team for identifying problems and implementing solutions. While these individuals can be highly skilled and knowledgeable about the organization, this model often fails to engage front line staff and empower cultural change. This conference room problem-solving method can also be extremely slow and tedious. Benefits of implementing the Beaumont program may include:

  • an environment that fosters teamwork, where everyone works together to achieve common goals
  • managers developing more effective leadership skills and motivated, engaged staff
  • increased profits and lower costs
  • a constant flow of ideas on process and quality improvement
  • cultural changes within an organization that positively influence outcomes and the patient experience

For more information or to register for Beaumont's Kaizen Institute training, call 248-898-4073. 

Watch a webinar and Q & A about Beaumont's implementation of the Toyota Production System: