Success Stories

By adopting the Kaizen philosophy across the hospital system, Beaumont has seen a number of tangible improvements including improved HCAHP scores, a reduction in direct costs and reduced length of stay. The following are a few specific examples of Beaumont’s successes.

Hospital-Wide Improvements

Improved HCAHP Score

  • January 2012 – May 2013:  8.7% increase in global rating (on metric of 9s and 10s)

Reduction in Direct Cost Index

  • example:  moved nursing unit supplies to an every 2 hour supply cycle using a 2 bin kanban process.  Nursing units with Kanban supply system in place have decreased costs 5.5% per patient day since 2010 while nursing units without Kanban supply system in place increased costs 4.4% per patient day.
  • direct cost per case index has declined compared to UHC academic medical centers (whose costs have increased)

Reduced Length of Stay

  • January 2012 – May 2013: 8.9% reduction in length of stay

Unit Specific Examples

5 North

  • 100% reduction in unit acquired pressure ulcers (eliminated unit acquired pressure ulcers) by utilizing Turn Teams on the unit to provide consistent, every 2 hour turns
  • increased nurses time at the bedside by 174% (from 23% to 63%) by implementing thousands of small changes to improve nursing and other support staff work to support time at the bedside

8 North

  • improved discharge process through multiple initiatives with goal of 60 minutes from discharge order to patient departure (improvement initiatives included courtesy call wheelchair, Nurse Assistant completing 9 a.m. rounds and initiation of discharge flow, Nurse Assistant  report sheet to communicate discharge dates and cath lab ride reminder sheets.) 


  • targeted mobility initiatives 
  • increased time available for therapists to see patients