Screening for Deep Vein Thrombosis

Beaumont has adopted measures to help prevent treatable deep vein thromboses (DVTs) by using a screening tool that is now available to help prevent DVTs. Patients are given the DVT risk assessments when they are admitted to the hospital. The assessment asks a series of questions about their case, such as the type of surgery they are having performed, their age, and weight, and if they walk without assistance. Doctors can then determine the level of risk a patient has for developing a DVT. For each positive answer a patient gives, a point value is given. At the end of the questions, the points are added up. That number corresponds to the level of risk.

Screening patients for DVTs and pulmonary emboli is very important. Using compression stockings and pneumatic compression devices helps but is not enough. By using this screening tool, we can save lives. All adult patients will have the screening tool in their charts.  Of the 220,000 annual deaths from DVTs and pulmonary emboli in the United States, many are preventable. Beaumont has taken initiative by spearheading multidisciplinary efforts for better screening.