Ask the Doctor Webinar: Reflux - Simple or Serious? Sometimes an Antacid Isn't Enough

Topic: Reflux: Simple or Serious? Sometimes an Antacid Isn’t Enough

Presenter: Robert Jury, M.D., Chief, General Surgery and Director of Beaumont’s new Center for Reflux and Esophageal Cancer Prevention

If you missed this webinar or were unable to attend, you can view the entire presentation here.

Dr. JuryHear Dr. Jury talk about reflux, its causes and symptoms as well as the latest treatments available. During the webinar, Dr. Jury will also provide a question and answer session to address any questions about reflux.

“Reflux has been identified as the single most important cause of preventable and often fatal cancer of the esophagus,” says Dr. Jury. When left untreated, acid reflux is known to lead to Barrett’s esophagus, a pre-cancerous condition, or to esophageal cancer.