Accent Reduction Program

In today's global marketplace, the workforce is becoming more diversified. The ability to communicate effectively is critical. Beaumont's Accent Reduction Program can help improve English-speaking skills through modifying speech habits, including pronunciation, rhythm and intonation.

Service Overview

The Beaumont Accent Reduction program provides both individual and group sessions. Short-term and long-term, more intensive programs are available. Each program is customized to the individual's professional work environment (i.e., medical, business executive, computer programmer, clergy). Participants are provided with a computer CDROM program with printed manual to develop ongoing self-practice. Speech patterns are reviewed through speech sampling, tape recording and pronunciation assessment, sometimes with the assistance of computer voice-pattern recognition devices. This analysis helps create a specialized course of pronunciation, vocabulary, speech stress and intonation tasks.


Insurance typically does not cover this non-medically related service. Corporate employee-assistance programs or Michigan Rehabilitation Services may provide support when accent improvement promotes employment security and vocational advancement. Many companies provide financial assistance for their employees to attend this program.


  • Replaces the native speechaccented habits with new patterns that can be used automatically in everyday speech
  • Individual or small group programs available
  • A CD-ROM is available to establish a self-help routine provided by ARP

Who Can Benefit

  • Foreign-born physicians, engineers and computer specialists are typical clients of the Accent Reduction Program (ARP)
  • The goal of the ARP is not to erase the accent, but rather to improve the speaker's intelligibility at work and in the community