Histologic Technician Finances and Fees

Tuition: Mott Community College Histologic Technician Majors - register through Mott CC.

All other students: Tuition is $2000.*

Additional fees and/or expenses, not included in the $2000, involve:

  • Books, computer, etc. fees (non-refundable)(approx): $450**
  • Scrubs/Lab coats/Lab shoes: Must be provided by students, and meet program criteria (scrubs royal blue, $20-40 each set) / (white lab coats, $15-25 each) / (lab shoes $25-60)
  • Application fee (non-refundable): $40
  • National Certification exam fee (approximately)(paid to ASCP before graduation): $125
  • There are no meal, housing or stipend programs. 

*Non-Mott CC HT students selected into the program are required to pay 50% of the tuition fee upon acceptance, which is not refundable. The balance of the tuition fee must be paid before the first day of the program. The balance of the tuition fee is refundable, prorated, up to 50% for the first five (5) weeks of the program, if the student properly withdraws from the program. No refund is given if the student:

  • Properly withdraws from the program at week six (6) or later;
  • Improperly withdraws from the program at any time;
  • Is dismissed from the program.

**Book/computer/etc. fees due first day of class.