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Show Us Your Tots - As a parent, your child’s well-being is your top priority.While your little ones may not yet know the importance of good health, building a positive relationship with a physician is a great first step and can give your child the tools needed to make healthier choices in the future.

Your Bones, Your Body - The phrase “hips don’t lie” says it all. Hips not only provide shape and support, but also enable movement, making them among the most important parts in the body. Ready to shake your hips healthy? Read on to learn how.

Hygiene Beyond Handwashing - Babies, so sweet and innocent and new. There's something about the scent of a newborn that makes you want to hold them extra close. As your child's younger years slowly turn into pubescence, however, that sweet smell is inevitably replaced by less-than-pleasant body odor. But smelly kids no more; there are steps to great hygiene that parents can show children today for a clean (and great smelling!) tomorrow.

Cents & Sensibility - ‘Tis the season of indulgences, a timewhenwe help ourselves to an extra serving of our favorite dish and wear out our credit cards on gifts for the ones we love. The holidays are our favorite time of year—so why are we so stressed out? This month, learn how to stop the frenzy by keeping your wallet (and your waist size) in check—a healthy balance of Cents & Sensibility.

Are you covered? - When it comes to our health, we try to cover all the bases: we eat our fruits and veggies, lather on the SPF, even exercise—but are you covered when it comes to your health insurance? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 46 million Americans are currently uninsured. Knowing your options can help protect you and your loved ones fromthe surprises life can throw your way.

Weekend Warrior Wisdom - It’s Friday and the weekend warrior is ready; projects to build, gadgets to try out and repairs to be made. Some home improvement tasks are riskier than others; keep accidents to a minimum by remembering the basics and taking an extra step of caution. Your weekend warrior will thank you.