Cancer Audio Clips

Radiation Oncology
John Robertson, M.D.

Dr. RobertsonJoin Dr. Robertson, Interim Health System Chair, Radiation Oncology, Beaumont Health System, as he details strides in cancer treatment, survival rates and our radiation oncology research.

Beaumont’s radiation oncology department is ranked among the top in the U.S. for advanced technology, innovative cancer treatment programs, research, and professional and medical staff.

Prostate and Urologic Cancer
Howard Korman, M.D.

Dr. KormanListen to Dr. Korman, Director, Prostate and Urologic Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, as he explains the multidisciplinary approach to prostate and urologic cancer.

At Beaumont's Prostate Cancer Center, you'll get the collective judgment, experience and wisdom of 20 prostate cancer specialists. Learn more by calling our center at 877-BEAT-CANCER.

Pancreatic Cancer
Robert Jury, M.D.

Pancreatic cancer is not a hopeless disease. Dr. JuryDr. Jury, System Leader, Digestive Health Center of Excellence at Beaumont, explains the advancements in pancreatic cancer, treatments and more.

For a referral to a Beaumont pancreatic specialist who specializes in the treatment of pancreatic disease, please call 800-633-7377.

Detecting Prostate Cancer
Kenneth Kernen, M.D.

Dr. KernenDr. Kernen, Chief of Rrology at Beaumont Hospital, Troy, talks about detecting prostate cancer and when men should start getting tested. Early detection provides a wide range of treatment options.

For more information about the Prostate and Urologic Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic at Beaumont, call 877-BEAT-CANCER today.