Beaumont Bon Brae Center

At the Beaumont Bon Brae Center we are committed to providing programs that promote health and wellness for our community. Whether you are managing a disease or simply interested in maintaining good health, we can help you accomplish this through our community health education programs. The BeaumontFIT program invites you to take a fitness class, attend a health lecture or even play Pickleball!

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Our classes are designed for adults at any fitness level. All classes are instructor lead with certified fitness instructors. We encourage participants to workout at your own pace and challenge yourself each week to reach your full potential.

Register for our classes online or by calling 586-779-7900

Patient Re-entry Program

Our Patient Re-entry Program is a community based fitness program that supports and complements the clinical services of the Beaumont Physical Therapy department. Once a patient completes therapy, the program will provide an opportunity for each patient to continue to improve their physical function. Each patient referred by a physical therapist will receive two free weeks at the Bon Brae Center. Each patient will make an appointment with a personal trainer to assure a successful transition from the clinical setting into the community setting.

For more information, call the Community Health Education Department at 586-779-7900.