Electronic System Roll Out for Human Investigation Committee Submissions

Electronic System Roll Out for Human Investigation Committee (HIC) Submissions

The Beaumont Research Institute was established over 30 years ago, and has been improving patient's lives through quality clinical research since its’ inception. Consistent with federal regulations, the Beaumont Human Investigation Committee serves as the Institutional Review Board for Beaumont Health System and is charged with the oversight of all human participant research conducted at Beaumont facilities.

After much planning, developing and testing, the HIC is implementing the iMedRIS Electronic HIC System. Researchers are, no longer required to print and submit multiple copies of applications and forms. All transactions are done electronically, including signoffs by the clinical research manager and department chairs, corresponding with the HIC, responding to modifications required and submitting other study forms. Researchers have ready access to the status of their submissions and actions to be addressed. Most importantly, iMedRIS will be accessible from any computer – inside or outside the Beaumont system.

Initial full-board applications entered in iMedRIS will not be reviewed until the November 1 meeting. Review of expedited and exempt projects in iMedRIS will begin on October 5.

Planning for Progress Reports, Amendments and other submission forms

Existing studies (those reviewed prior to iMedRIS implementation), will require completion of an abbreviated iMedRIS application, comprised of limited information taken from the original HIC application. This entry activity should take less than 30 minutes. The HIC will confirm the entered information is consistent with the original HIC approval, which may take up to two weeks. Following this confirmation, you may submit your Amendment, PD, UP or Progress Report. To avoid a lapse in HIC study approval at time of annual continuing review (Progress Report), we recommend entering the abbreviated application for each of your studies, as soon as possible.