Offering Open MRI in Michigan

Beaumont Wide Open MRI

Beaumont uses the latest open MRI technology available. Our scanners produce exceptionally clear images and precise results. These images are accurately interpreted by board-certified Beaumont radiologists who will provide quality care and treatment.

At Beaumont, your health is always top of mind but we also focus on your comfort and safety. These open MRI scanners will help ease the nerves of you, your loved one or your child. Additionally, our highly skilled technologists are friendly and experts in their field. They will help you understand the procedure and answer questions.

There are several Beaumont locations that offer open MRI scanners in Michigan. You can find them at each Beaumont Hospital location in Royal Oak, Troy and Grosse Pointe. The Lake Orion, West Bloomfield, Macomb Township and Sterling Heights medical centers offer this technology as well as the Beaumont Health and Wellness Center in Rochester Hills.

To schedule an open MRI test at one of our convenient Michigan locations, call the Appointment Center at 800-328-8542 or request a test online.  

It is important to note that some tests may require a more traditional scanner. This will be determined prior to testing.

What is open MRI?

An open MRI scanner has an opening that is larger than a traditional MRI. This technology provides our patients with optimum comfort while maintaining a very precise image quality.

The open MRI is perfect for those who are claustrophobic or need more space to accommodate their size. Patients will be able to see outside the scanner at all times. Some scanners even allow a parent to accompany their child during a test.

Open MRI at Beaumont Health System

The types of scanners

There are two variations of the open MRI. Learn more about each scanner and the advantages they offer:

These types are available at the many Beaumont facilities offering open MRI in Michigan.

Preparing for Your Visit

Personal Medication Record (PDF)

MRI Patient Screening (PDF)
For all patients receiving an MRI exam

MRI Examination Questionnaire (PDF)
For patients receiving an MRI specifically for cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, entire spine, sacral spine, neck, soft tissue neck, carotids, neck MRA, sacral/lumbar/cervical plexus, brain or skull

MRI Body/Muscle Skeletal History (PDF)
For patients recieving any other MRI/MRA exam not listed above