Stuttering Center

The Beaumont Stuttering Center in the Speech and Language Pathology Department helps children and adults who stutter to develop fluent speaking patterns. The Center's clinicians help to establish new fluency patterns, as well as provide coping skills for patients and their families.

Service Overview

The Beaumont Stuttering Center provides adult, adolescent and pediatric services as well as support group programs after formal treatment. Assessment and treatment are provided by Speech-Language Pathologists who specialize in fluency disorders. Treatment programs are designed specifically for chronic secondary stuttering, neurogenic traumatic stuttering and cluttering disorders.

Treatment includes behavior modification, speech-cognitive retraining, electronic feedback devices and computer software assistance.

Videotape analysis and computer-assisted diagnostics are used to identify types and severity of fluency disorders. Inpatient and outpatient assessment and treatment are available.

The Stuttering Center treats patients in individual and group formats. It also sponsors no-fee adult and teen support groups.

What is Stuttering?

Stuttering is a sudden, intense breakdown in the fluent production of speech. While there is growing scientific evidence that stuttering is a physically-based familial disorder, there are currently no known causes or cures.

Conditions Treated

  • Adult stuttering
  • Developmental stuttering
  • Secondary stuttering
  • Speech cluttering
  • Acquired CNS stuttering


Coverage from most major insurance companies is accepted, but coverage for treatment depends on individual insurance benefits. A physician's referral is required for assessment and treatment.