Oromyofunctional Disorders

The Oromyofunctional Disorders Clinic assesses and treats disorders such as tongue-thrust-swallow, open-mouth-posture, tongue-forward-posture and other detrimental oral habits that may negatively impact speech-articulation, oral-swallowing functioning or orthodontic management.

Service Overview

Speech-Language Pathologists are particularly well-trained in oral-motor speech control, articulation acoustics, speech aerodynamics and swallowing mechanics to assess and treat oromyofunctional disorders. Patients are treated, on referral from Pedeodontists, Orthodontists or Oral-Maxillary Surgeons, in a relatively short period of behavior modification (generally lasting 8 -12 weeks).

What are Oromyofunctional Disorders?

They are negative daily mouth and facial functional behaviors of speech and swallowing. These negative behaviors may cause speech pronunciation, swallowing or dental defects.

Conditions Treated

Adolescents with tongue-thrustswallowing disorders, occlusal disorders or craniofacial anomalies (i.e., cleft lip and palate) will benefit from treatment programs to resolve speech articulation or detrimental tongue habits. These programs can:

  • Normalize swallowing
  • Restore articulation precision
  • Prepare patients for necessary orthodontic procedures


All patients are assessed and treated on physician or dental referral. Insurance coverage may be available for oromyofunctional disorders due to congenital anomalies, surgery, trauma or illness. Some insurance carriers may not cover this service.


  • Treatment is usually short term, 8-12 weeks in length
  • Interactive care with dentist
  • Self-help, oral-facial exercises provided
  • May improve speech clarity, dental occlusion or efficient, safe swallow