Our Physicians

Our sleep evaluation services provide risk assessments and treatments for sleep disorders by physicians who are board-certified in sleep medicine and registered sleep technologists who are specially trained in sleep-related techniques. Our sleep technologists work closely with a variety of related departments and are cross-trained to handle patents with neurological, pulmonary or cardiac disorders.

Sleep certified physicians with additional certifications in pulmonary disease, neurology and weight management specialists are available to assist in your diagnosis and treatment. Beaumont's medical staff consists of Diplomats of the American Board of Pulmonary Medicine, intensive care medicine, as well as pediatric neurology, adult neurology and epilepsy.

If you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, you'll receive extensive education about your diagnosis, treatment and therapy regimen by Beaumont's highly skilled medical and technical staff:

Beaumont Sleep Evaluation Services - Berkley

Beaumont Sleep Evaluation Services - Macomb

Beaumont Sleep Evaluation Services - St. Clair Shores