Request for Sponsorship

Beaumont believes we have a responsibility to make a difference and improve the health and well being of the neighborhoods in which we live and serve. We reach out to and establish partnerships with other non-profit organizations, civic groups, human service agencies and educational institutions that represent the diverse nature of our communities. 

Beaumont takes pride in being socially responsible and investing in our local communities. We accomplish this through a number of means, including actively participating in and sponsoring compatible causes and programs within the community. 

We support social service or charitable organizations that are tax-exempt, non-profit Section 501 (c) (3) organizations.

A sponsorship and donation committee meets monthly to determine all sponsorships. All requestors will receive written notice either via e-mail or by letter of the committee's decision.

Please email Darlene Niksic or call 248-551-5411 for more information.

Beaumont Health System Request for Sponsorship Form